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Establishing our relationship with you...our valued client

Because a large number of our clients are new to Houston and the state of Texas, we have created this page as part of our continuing efforts to educate you, as our prospective client. 

We hope the information below is easy to understand, informative, and comprehensive.  Naturally, we are sure that there will always be other questions...so please let us know...we are pleased to be your advocate in Houston!

Please select from the following topics below for more information.


Planning to Buy Your Dream Home?

Planning to Sell Your Home?






Planning to Buy Your Dream Home?


More Useful tools for Buyers New to Houston...


When to use a Buyer's Agent...absolutely ALWAYS!

  • When you are new to Houston with no clue of where to purchase a home, you definitely will need the assistance of a Relocation Specialist.  Why?  Your Relocation Specialist is knowledged empowered to have learned key elements that contribute towards a better resale value.  Of course no one can predict the future, yet our good intentions are based on what the market patterns reflect as an optimally well selected home. 
  • Location:  Is the home in an appealing location in the city and within the community? How are the schools in the area?  Is it in the flood zone?  We are proud to share that our past clients have had no damage due to heavy rains and recent floods in Houston. It is unpredictable in spite of city major projects to improve water flow during heavy rains, but we definitely do our homework to help our clients with their purchasing decision.
  • We project your real estate goals with your future in mind.  Every home purchase should be an investment, whether you are purchasing short term or for many years to come. This is yet another unpredictable element in real estate, but we have tools to help you make sound decisions for the present and possibly, the future....so far, many of our clients have invested very well or we are simply their lucky charm!
  • Our Buyer's Agents are first trained as Relocation Specialists.  We receive many people from out of state and overseas.  New comers to Houston need the objective representation from our Relocation Specialists who have worked, researched, and are most familiar with the area.  We provide you with resources and connect you with people in the neighborhoods, who may be a past client or a neighborhood representative to provide updated information for developing neighborhoods.  Our ultimate goal is to help the Buyer acclimate well in a city that has so much to offer!
  • When the Buyer is purchasing for the first time.  First time home Buyers usually need more assistance than any other buyer simply because they have never experienced this "complex" process before.  They will need advice and counseling with every aspect of the home purchase process.
  • When considering the purchase of a new home.  Our Relocation Specialists will be equiped with selecting experienced and reputable builders, both "cookie-cutter: and custom home builders. We will skillfully negotiate the terms of the contract and the price in order to gain the most optimal outcome.
  • With custom builders, we can direct you to all styles of homes from traditional to contemporary--we will arrange a formal meeting of introduction with well-known builders who demonstrate exceptional building standards for today's market.  At the architectural and / or the design meeting, we may recommend features offered by the builder that will enhance in resale value.  For both "cookie-cutter" and custom homes, we will recommend inspections throughout the construction phase. 
  • Above all reasons, your Buyer's Agent should be there for you... not to sell you any home, they should be there identifying obstacles that would inherently delay the sale even when the market is good.  Is the home a good resale? Is it a fair price? Is it an "odd" floor plan? Is it up to date with other homes that have sold in the neighborhood?
  • Our Buyer's Agents will be there for you after closing offering you home maintenance recommendations specific to your home.  We also offer after closing services with recommendations for cleaning services, repair licensees, renovation contractors, pet care, and/or any service recommendations you may need.  We are more than happy to help!

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Planning to Sell Your Home?


Why list with a Us?

  • If we helped you find your present home, definitely give us a call.  We are familiar with your home, we took into consideration the location of the community, location of the home, we made you aware if it was in the flood plain or not, we took into consideration that the home was zoned to good schools (if you requested it), and we took into consideration the floor plan and condition of your home as these two features' potential can impact a higher resale value.

  • We provide a personalized, attentive and professional service.

  • We guarantee maximum exposure with today's technology not forgetting traditional marketing techniques.

  • Though our listings are few by nature of welcoming newcomers to Houston, it allows us to maximize our selling potential with time to monitor the selling process closely.

  • Selling your home is important to us.  We will not accept a contract without a prequalication letter and we will communicate with the lender prior to recommendation of signing an offer.

  • We will provide you with excellent tips to improve the sale of your home to include recommendation for minor repairs, staging, decluttering professional services, if necessary;, and offer excellent photography services to show your home its absolute best side!

  • We will make recommendation to help you set a credible sales price taking consdieration the current available properties as the real competition, and emphasizing qualities of your home that will help its selling potential.

  • Feed back from the buyers and weekly statistical reports of showings will be provided to you to keep you informed.

  • Monitoring of the sales process through closing date, and guidance and planning for transition of your future home purchase.


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