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We are committed to be

service oriented...

In a sensitve and efficient manner, we aim to reduce stress and ensure that you (and your family) experience a smooth relocation process.

The list below is just a fraction of the many services we are pleased to offer…

  • Pre-moving counseling with a caring and professional Relocation Specialist
  • Local destination information and resources
  • Welcome tours that include area orientation and comprehensive community information
  • Overview of existing market conditions
  • Home search and complete professional assistance throughout the buying process
  • Information on Custom and Production Builders
  • Mortgage and financial advising
  • Assistance with rental or temporary housing
  • Spousal employment assistance
  • Formalities after moving in
  • Integration and networking assistance
  • Provide explanation of education system and options including state, private   and international schools
  • Provide list of possible schools relating to the homesearch area
  • Arrange meetings with teachers/school representatives
  • Provide neighboorhood guide which contains information on shopping, leisure activities etc.
  • Information on spiritual and religious institutions
  • Retirement communities and activities
  • Settling in services and post relocation support

Other services include:

  • Relocation within the city and suburban communities
  • Group Relocation
  • Investment Property
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • We'll Stage and Sell your Home! 






Mortgage Adisors

Know your financial status and how much you can afford to buy...for our trusted listed of mortgage brokers, please feel free to contact us.



Builder Profiles

In Texas, builders do cooperate with realtors as we help sell a great percentage of their product. It is best to have a realtor represent you when considering a newly built home, whether custom or production that will be designed to or fit to your desires and specifications. 

Buying a home requires quite a bit of research. To choose the right home for your family, you’ll want to explore communities, amenities, home styles, floor plans, builders, and financing options.  Our Relocation Specialists can be very helpful.  They are trained to recognize the workmanship among custom builders, who build less than 25 homes annually, and production builders who build in several different communities in and around Houston.  They can also bring knowledge in the following subjects:

  • Our Relocation Specialists understand the custom home building process.  They know what differentiates one builder from the other in defining the builder’s quality practices and materials.
  • Our Relocation Specialists can knowledgeably advise their clients about builders, both custom and production, who are known for quality construction (what’s behind the walls as well as what’s visible in the finished home), good customer service, and attention to detail.
  • Our Relocation Specialists understand what’s necessary to make the building process a success for everyone involved.
  • Our Relocation Specialists will identify a client’s needs and make the research process more efficient by asking targeted questions and narrowing the client’s focus.
  • Our Relocation Specialists are “skilled negotiators” and will work hard to achieve their client’s best buying power with a smooth outcome.

Our Relocation Specialists can save days or weeks of searching. Imagine how confusing and time-consuming it would be to drive from one home to another without familiarity to location and surroundings, what you wanted or what you were looking for…and how or what strategies to consider when purchasing your new home even through the time of closing.  We’ve personally completed all of these steps, through our own experience or that of our past clients and associates... before you even arrive in Houston!

For a consultation, please submit your information on the Online Introduction form, send your inquiry to:  Director@relocate2houston.com or call us toll free at 1.866.RELO R2H (1.866.735.6724).



Group or Individual Relocation

Are you hiring one or several individuals new to Houston?

  • Our professional and multi-lingual team understands that relocation is an  on-going process involving the requirements of the company and the specific needs of their new employee. 

  • We are committed to deliver a professional and personal relocation service to all our clients, both the employee and the employer... within the boundaries specified by the employer and the needs of the employee.

  • In a sensitve and efficient manner, we aim to reduce stress and ensure that the employee can become a productive member of the team with the minmum of delay, confident their family is safe and acclimating well to the new environment.
  • We provide up to date information of your employee(s) relocation process so you can rest assure.
  • We are proud to be Quality Service Certified group of Relocation Specialists... and look forward to being a part of your growing success offering you end-to-end services!

For more information , please submit the Online Introduction form or send your personal inquiry to:  Director@relocate2houston.com.

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