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How we select our Relocation Specialists


What Relocation Services Division Will Do For You...


Individual or Family Relocation


Group Relocation



How we select our Relocation Specialists

Each Relocation Specialist is chosen for their communication and organizational skills, well-rounded cultural exposure and their pleasing personalities. They are knowledgeable about the area they work in, they know the schools, the neighboring communities, the housing market and the local economy, etc. Our Relocation Specialists are active, both civic and socially, and can help new families build local friendships. Before we go any further, let us quickly establish that, comprehensive though our service is, it is a complimentary service to the relocating individual or family, and their employer. 


What Relocation Services Division Will Do For You...

We offer you personalized and caring relocation services to assist all relocating clients (local, domestic, and international) in making the most educated decisions possible.

  • We will bring to you the technical skills derived from our company’s extensive educational programs, personalized service with attention to detail, and professional expertise.
  • We offer accountability in our performances and services…as you will be given the opportunity to evaluate us after the closing of your home.


Why do we provide the services we do…

  • We have personally experienced our own relocation process to Houston which is the instrumental guide towards our standards and practices.
  • We not only love what we do in helping newcomers to Houston, but we also love our city!

Houston is where we planted many seeds and set out roots, made long-term friendships with our clients, and look forward to, everyday, in helping you understand why Houston is the city of infinite possibilities!


Individual or Family Relocation

Relocation Services Division believes that the best way to assist the relocating individual or family is through educating our client. We help families explore their various options. We provide our client with the research and education that will allow them to make the best decisions for their particular needs. This is the extent of our role. We do not force opinions on anyone, nor do we engage in manipulative sales tactics by offering biased or partial information.

Our goal is to eliminate apprehension and uncertainty for client. We research homes, neighborhoods and schools, and present the results of our research to our clients. We take our families on tours of all the areas that may interest them and our Relocation Specialists will do anything reasonable to assist the individual or family with any aspect before, during and after they have relocated to Houston.

Prior to your arrival

  • You will have a personal consultation with the Director about your lifestyle needs based on your unique timeline.
  • Your Relocation Specialist will provide you with available information to assist you in evaluating all of your options, including contact information to a mortgage broker(s) to help you obtain financing data necessary to purchase a home knowledgeably.
  • Periodically, you will receive our Relocate-2-Houston News Greetings that include detailed information and links about Houston, as well as current events and happenings around the city.
  • Your Relocation Specialist will also provide information and any assistance necessary for supplementary issues, such as nursing home care, special educational needs, and local vendors and merchants, etc.
  • If renting is a considered option, your Relocation Specialist will gladly provide you with information on recommended rental communities in which our previous clients have resided.

During your stay

  • Your Relocation Specialist will take you (and your family) on an informative tour of the city and its highlight amenities while helping you understand the Houston housing market. 
  • You will have an opportunity to go over any materials or maps, ask any and all questions you might have regarding ideal home, neighborhood, area schools, community, leisure activities, etc.
  • You will be shown properties that best meet your criteria throughout the city of Houston and its surrounding areas.
  • Your Relocation Specialist will explain the purchasing process, coordinate necessary steps through closing and everything leading up to that point.

After your move

  • Your Relocation Specialist will contact your periodically to assure that your needs have been met and if there are any other services that we can offer.  
  • Through social events, you will be introduced to other families and individuals of similar background and interests to help you and others feel even more welcomed. 
  • Because your opinion is very important to us, you will receive a survey a few days after the closing of your home and be asked to evaluate our overall performance.  Relocation Services Division appreciates your input and feedback…because your invaluable opinion will contribute to the shaping of our services. 

If you would like to optimize the amount of time that you have for home finding, please submit your information on the Online Introduction form.  We can begin to work for you at no cost to you!  You will receive comprehensive information about Houston and its housing market to help you begin to learn and evaluate the many amenities Houston and its surrounding areas has to offer!



Group Relocation

Are you hiring several individuals new to Houston?

  • Our professional and multi-lingual team understands that relocation is an  on-going process involving the requirements of the hiring entity and the specific needs of their new employee. 

  • We are committed to deliver a professional and personal relocation service to all our clients, both the employee and the employer... within the boundaries specified by the employer and the needs of the employee.

  • In a sensitive and efficient manner, we aim to reduce stress and ensure that the employee can become a productive member of the team with the minimum of delay, confident their family is safe and acclimating well to the new environment.
  • We provide up to date information of your employee(s) relocation process so you can rest assure.
  • We are proud to be Quality Service Certified group of Relocation Specialists... and look forward to being a part of your growing success offering you end-to-end services!

“Our focus in its entirety is our client. While we work attentively to every detail before, during, and after their relocation process to meet our client’s satisfaction, our clients can trust in us to experience a smooth and easy transition.”

Liliana Gretzer, Director

For more information, please submit the Online Introduction form or send your personal inquiry to Director@relocate2houston.com.   Thank you for your interest!

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